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The first time I contacted Hannah TAM was from the eye contact of my viewfinder. She was a participant who was waiting in a music competition stared at me with seriousness and curiosity.

She gave me a special feeling that was different from the other children who were on the same age there. If you just listened to her performance, you wouldn’t think it was played by a child. It really surprised me as her whole performance attracted everyone’s eyes and ears (of course the judges as well).Finally, Hannah was the winner of that group and she did deserve it.


Once Hannah puts down her violin, she becomes an innocent and adorable girl again. After contacting more, I realized that she has put a lot of effort on her music. The most important thing is, she really enjoys it and I think this is the reason why she can play violin so well. Her parents are always behind her back to give her actual needs and spiritual support which are all the needs of music students. Her parents were told by the classmates, teachers and friends that everyone loved her.

It was exciting to shoot her performance as she fully engrossed in the music notes. It was easy to capture the moments which could show her personality, especially she cooperated with different parties (the conductor/ accomplishment) or recital.

Hannah is going to be more mature and has obtained very excellent results. This young girl is offered some invitations from different famous music organizations. (including the one from Musicus Society which is a performance with a famous cellist Trey Lee and The Orchestra de Camera di Mantova in November in Hong Kong. Moreover, she is invited from Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra to perform “Mozart Violin Concerto No. 3 Adagio” in Hong Kong City Hall in February next year.


Please pay more attention to this young talent and give her some encouragement as well as support. Her name is Hannah TAM. Currently a student at the St Paul’s Co-educational College, 11-year-old Hannah Tam entered the Junior Music Program of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts at the age of 5, learned with Mr Chan Kwok Wai. With full scholarship from the Academy, she now studies violin with Professor Michael Ma. Hannah has been a prizewinner since the age of 6. In 2012, she won the Japan-Hong Kong International Music Competition, and was later invited to perform in Tokyo in 2013. In 2015, she was the champion of the Violin Concerto (for age under 19) in the HK School Music Festival. Last year, she won the 1st prize (junior professional category) in the 6th Hong Kong International Violin Competition; the 1st prize (age 8-11 category) and the Final Grand Prize at the Andrea Postacchini International Competition in Italy; as well as the 2nd prize (senior professional category) in the Bravo International Violin Competition in San Diego, where she received a full scholarship to study at its Music Academy in the summer of 2017.


第一次接觸這位小妮子Hannah Tam譚允靜, 是從一個從相機觀景器的眼神接觸開始。當時Hannah正在參與一個音樂比賽並在等候中, 她那眼神是一副很嚴肅帶著好奇的回望著我, 完全沒有在準備比賽緊張的感覺。 這感覺跟其他年紀相若參加比賽的小朋友很不同, 當時她已經給我一個與別不同的感覺。到她正式在比賽演出的時候,若只用耳朵去聽,完全感覺不到是一位小朋友的演奏,這也是令我驚訝的地方,她整個演出過程吸引著大家的眼睛及耳朵(當然包括評判們),最後Hannah 也是實至名歸的拿到該組別的冠軍。

當她放下小提琴的一剎那,又變回一個天真活潑笑臉迎人可愛的小妮子。在往後的接觸,得知她在音樂付出了不少努力, 但最重要的是,她「樂」在其中,相信是她在音樂上更有成就的條件之一, 他的父母也在背後默默以行動及精神上的鼓勵及支持,這也是現今音樂學子所需要的。

從他的同學/老師/朋友得知,Hannah 也是一位深受大家愛戴的小女孩。 拍攝他演奏是一份興奮的事,她在演奏中完全投入於音符中,只連繫各協作夥伴(指揮/伴奏)或自己(獨奏),所以不難拍攝到有神韻的照片。 現在這位小妮子的演奏更趨成熟,在各音樂比賽中成績斐然,增加獲得不同的著名音樂單位邀請 演出。( 包括今年11月允静被垂誼社(Musicus Society)邀請和著名大提琴家李垂誼Trey Lee與另一意大利樂團( The Orchestra de Camera di Mantova) 合作在香港做出公開表演。


此外,允靜將於明年2月獲香港管弦樂團邀請在香港大會堂演出莫札特第三協奏曲……) 大家可多關注這位年紀輕輕的小女孩,並給予多一些鼓勵及支持!她的名字是譚允靜 Hannah Tam 譚允靜今年11嵗, 五歲加入香港演藝學院學習小提琴至今,現師從香港演藝學院馬忠為教授。

2015年三月以九歲之齡榮獲第67屆香港校際音樂節小提琴協奏曲十九歲或以下組别的冠軍。 2012 年以六歲之幼齡奪得第64屆校際音樂節小提琴協奏曲十二歲或以下組别的亞軍。其次,允靜也在各個公開比賽、音樂節中屢獲獎項。其中包括 2012年参加香港日本國際小提琴比賽冠軍,並於 2013年暑假獲邀請往東京作公開表演。 2016年2月允靜在第六届香港國際小提琴比賽少兒專業組得冠軍,5月於意大利Andrea Postacchini國際小提琴比賽8至11歲組别奪冠,並且獲頒發賽事的最高榮譽大獎「鮑思達契尼獎」(Postacchini Grand Prize)。


撰文: Yuki Chang

誰是Yuki Chang

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